Article Marketing Tips Bootcamp

Are you struggling to get traffic to your website? Or to get your articles ranked on the first page of the search engines? These article marketing tips will help relieve you of all the frustration you’ve been facing and will help you develop an action plan to dominate the search engines forcing them to give you free traffic.

Article Marketing Tips #1

Keyword research. Before you even think of writing sit down and figure out who you’re target market is and what do they search for on the Internet to get resolutions for those problems. Next, use Google’s free keyword research tool to help you find keywords that have at least a couple hundred searches per month with low competition.

Article Marketing Tips #2

Search engine research. Once you have found some keywords that you want to turn into an article put those keywords into Google and see if there are any other articles written on the same topic that appear on authority sites like,, and For instance, if your keyword is article marketing tips and there is already an article that shows up on the first page of Google from that means Google likes that content and you should write an article on that same topic and submit your article to EzineArticles.

Now the way that we can get Google to show our article is to accumulate more backlinks than the previous author’s article. Backlinks are one of the determining factors that helps Google and the other search engines which content to rank higher and having lots of backlinks that point back to your original article tells the search engines that people really like you’re content and, therefore, will knock out the previous article and put yours on the first page results giving you all the traffic from that keyword.

Article Marketing Tips #3

Automation software. In order to get hundreds and even thousands of backlinks to your articles without you having to find and submit your content all day long you will need to spend some money and buy an article submitting software that will spin and submit your articles for you automatically. Without it you can’t get the necessary backlinks to get your article ranked in the search engines and you will never get the kind of results you want leading to a lot of frustration. You can’t rely on the internal traffic from the directories because it won’t be very much, so if your not trying to get articles on the first page of Google you are just going to be wasting a lot of your time.

Article Marketing Tips #4

Consistency. Most likely you are not going to strike gold by writing a few articles. Article marketing is a long term strategy to generating a lifelong stream of steady traffic that you can count on to bring you highly qualified prospects to your business. In order for that to happen you need to crank out a lot of articles over a long period of time with consistency. Develop a strategy and stick with it for at least six months. If you plan on writing and submitting two articles a week then stick with that plan consistently for six months. For more insider article marketing tips follow the link below.

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