Finding and Becoming a Telecommuting Employer

Telecommuting is the term coined by an American, Jack Nilles in 1973. It is also called as e-commuting or e-work or tele-work or work-at-home. Telecommuting is a work arrangement where employers take advantage of the various technological advances and enjoy limited flexibility in working hours and working location. It is a broader term referring to substituting telecommunications for any form of work that requires travel, which consequently eliminates the distance limitations of telecommuting. Some work from home while others use mobile telecommunications technology to work from any location. All telecommuting employers work for tele-workers but not all tele-workers are telecommuting employers.The motto is ‘work is something you do, and not something you travel to.’ A successful telecommuting program needs a management style which is mostly based on results and not on a close inquiry of a telecommuting employer. Most legitimate telecommuting companies do not charge you to work for them rather they will pay you for your work. The only exception would be a freelancing company which will take a fee from both you and the employer as a part of the agreement. The fee is usually very small, around 5% of the total budget, and considering that you don’t have to travel to work, and you pay no immediate income tax on your earnings, this is a very small fee indeed.One option for starting your own online business is to become a telecommuting employer. These are people who hire others to work on a team, and then bid on projects on freelancing websites. As long as onedoes his job well, he will have a guaranteed paycheck, as they control all of the terms of the agreement, from the amount of the bid to the salary of their employees. Telecommuting jobs allow you to work on your own schedule but with the given tasks and responsibilities.The greatest disadvantage to a telecommuting employer is that they work for someone else and their job stability is dependent on their companies. Another disadvantage is that the competition among them is very high. Many companies are very choosy and the pay is based on their terms.Today, there are many obstacles to overcome to get a good job. Many skilled workers are not able to get to the place of work due to family situations or physical disability. Telecommuting employers are very lucky to hold this job as they can choose to work where they want. Telecommuting jobs provide great opportunities for one parent homes or for homes where only one parent can work. Some work places do not have the facility to accommodate handicapped people, for those people telecommuting work gives them security and they can earn from where they live.Telecommuting employers were in the past proved their job to be very difficult due to lack of technology. But nowadays, it is easy to become a telecommuting employer because of the advancement in technology and internet and working from home has been made easier and more convenient.

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